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5G: 5th Generation Wireless Mobile Radio Access System


5G should deliver significantly increased operational performance (e.g. increased spectral efficiency, higher data rates, low latency), as well as superior user experience (near to fixed network but offering full mobility and coverage). 5G needs to cater for massive deployment of Internet of Things, while still offering acceptable levels of energy consumption, equipment cost and network deployment and operation cost. It needs to support a wide variety of applications and services (ETSI).


Everything you need to know about 5G


5G: 5th Generation Fixed or Mobile Wireless Systems (tacs.eu)



TACS is a leading top consultancy in the field of nth Generation Fixed or Mobile Wireless Systems and Networks.

TACS consultants are the first inventors of fixed or mobile packet radio structures in the world for 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 6G wireless systems.

TACS is Pioneer and Innovator of many Communication Signal Processors, Optical Modems, Multi-User Radio Modems, 1G Modems, 2G Modems, 3G Modems, 4G Modems, 5G Modems, 6G Modems, Satellite Modems, PSTN Modems, Cable Modems, PLC Modems, and more..



  • Delivers the insight and vision on technology for strategic decisions on nG (n>1).
  • Assesses technologies and standards and develops architectures for nG.
  • Provides the energy and experience of world-wide leading innovators and experts in nG.









5G Use Cases - ETSI Illustration: Mobile data traffic is rising rapidly, mostly due to video streaming.

Comparison of key capabilities of IMT-Advanced (4th generation) with IMT-2020 (5th generation) according to ITU-R M.208

5G offers network operators the potential to offer new services to new categories of users.

main usage scenarios for IMT for 2020 and beyond in their Recommendation ITU-R M.2083 and  key capability requirements according to  ITU-R M.2083

ITU-R has set up a project called IMT-2020 to define the next generation of mobile communication networks for 2020 and beyond with this time plan

IMT-2020 schedule

5G Architecture - ITU

5G Cloud - ITU



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